A Polish Texan Explained…

Updated some things…

One Flew Over The Empty Nest

Panna Maria, TexasWe Polish-Americans who are direct descendents of the First Polish Immigrants to come to the United States are a proud bunch. People are surprised to hear that in 1854 the first to come to America to stay came to Panna Maria, TEXAS and not Chicago or any other place… Here is a short cheat sheet on us and our customs.

If you are a Texas Pole, when you first meet a Yankee Pole they try to impress you by saying that they just “loved the Pierogi’s that their Grandma used to make for them in Chicago”. In response, you just nod and smile, because you have no idea WHAT that is…

You, in turn, try to impress them by telling them that you used to date one of Bishop Yanta’s nephews – In response, they too just nod and smile, because they have no idea WHO that is…

Your knowledge…

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