We Endorse Eric Opiela for Texas Agriculture Commissioner!

Eric OpielaDear Friends,

I’d like to introduce you to a long-time friend of our family, Eric Opiela.  Eric and my own family, the Janysek’s, go back to the late 1800s. Our families were  pioneers and settlers who bravely departed from their beloved homeland with a desire to live in freedom. This bold move and the success that came from it did not come without a lot of hard work, faith and visionary hope that the future would be bright if one stayed the good course.

Eric’s mother had a great impact on me, as she was my 1st grade teacher and taught me how to read.  We saw Eric and his family at church each weekend and rallied with them on the sports fields during the week.  Together we celebrated marriages and laid those in our families to rest.  Our Dad’s would talk about the things farmers and ranchers talk about when they could find the time to do so, usually after church – the rain forecast and faith, crops, cattle, whether the dove hunting was going to be good this year and more.  A rural way of life has been the center of Eric’s family, and my own for more than a century.

I had the distinct pleasure of working side by side with Eric starting three years ago as one of the founding board members of the Karnes City ISD Education Foundation. Both of us giving back to the community that gave so much to us.  Eric served as founding President of the Foundation. He is a man that walks the talk and has lead us to where we are today.  Each of us helping to pay it forward for the youth of tomorrow. I speak from experience on Eric’s work ethic. His word is his commitment and he is hard working, visionary, follows through on his promises, reflective, always composed and respectful, fiscally responsible, intelligent and well-spoken. This is hard for me to say as a person rather partial to the Aggies; but I have to say that he does those Longhorns proud having graduated from UT Law School!

Mark and I both whole-heartedly support Eric as candidate for the office of Texas Agriculture Commissioner. He was born into a rural Texas as a way of life. His experience is grounded from those values.  Eric has spent many years serving at the State, County and local levels and also served as Executive Director of the Republican Party.  He served as Chief Counsel for George P. Bush in his bid for Texas Land Commissioner before resigning to pursue the office of Texas Agriculture Commissioner.  We are confident Eric will inspire others to safeguard our resources and encourage us all to make our great State of Texas even better.

Eric recently came out to talk our Prosper friends about the importance of the Texas Agriculture office and its impact on helping Texas’ with its current drought/water issues.   Now is an important time to face this issue and we can’t think of a better candidate that can help navigate our state through this issue.

Please join us in endorsing Eric, as many great leaders have come from the position of Texas Agriculture Commissioner!

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Mark and D’Ann Williams

P.S. Check out the 2 following YouTube videos that his campaign has put out – the 2nd video is Funny!!