An Empty Nester Reality Check – Mark Get’s His 1st Surgery

Mark’s Back Surgery — 1 Week Update: He is doing great!  Several have called, texted, FB(ed), etc.., so to put your mind(s) at ease here are some answers to general questions that may be going through your head(s):

1)      Is he bedridden?  Answer: We brought a recliner down from the Media room and he hangs out there during the day.  He is quite comfortable in it.

  • Outcome: He has found that he better be nice to me or I won’t come and remove his food tray and he’s stuck there — although, he did threaten that he can and will remove it on his own and it won’t be pretty.

2)      Can he walk?   Answer: Yes, he is getting up on his own at will and is now up to 2 – 18 minute strolls a day in our neighborhood. (working on concentrating to keep his back straight, shoulders back)

  • Outcome: I’m doing the posture/walking with him and we both look like total snobs as we walk.

3)      How was his Father’s Day?   Answer: So/So, He was sure glad to be home, but I bought him a shower chair and a grabber for his Father’s Day gift.

  • Outcome: He went and fetched the paper today with his old man grabber proclaiming he’s not embarrassed and was quite proud!

4)      Is he in pain?  Answer: For the first time in years, there is no pain shooting down his legs or hips.  He is on Vicodin but less and less.

  • Outcome: Overdid it a little yesterday but recognized it on his own and is committed to watching himself and his full recovery.  Also, I wanted to spike his coffee this morning with a muscle relaxant because he tends to be “chatty Kathy” in the morning and I am not… especially on a week day while he is normally at work.

5)      What is he doing with his time?  Answer: Watching Fishing Shows, BBQ shows, Fishing shows, Western movies, Fishing Shows, Action movies, Fishing Shows, Sports Events, Fishing Shows…….And also: Job emails, Fishing Shows, Calling Co-workers, Fishing Shows….And also: Reading the Texas Aggie Message board, Fishing Shows, Sporting Magazines, Fishing Shows, etc….

  • Outcome: He now wants to buy an $85,000 – 24 ft. Yellowfin Fishing boat, because he “can do so much with it”.  And, I found that I can get sucked into watching a Bass tournament — when the theme is Bass fishermen dealing with sudden horrendous currents from huge amounts of water being dumped for power at a power plant dam.  Notice — I like to watch the fishermen in crisis vs their fishing?  ***Which is what will happen if he just shows up with a 24′ Yellowfin in our driveway.  Which he has done before – a very long time ago with his BFF Don.  A story for another day…

6)      When will he go back to work?  Answer: His follow up is next week and it depends on him.  At first, he plans to go in for a few hours while I shop and run errands.

  • Possible Outcome: He told me this morning that he is worried that I will outspend per hour his work income per hour while there, especially since I have to go to a jeweler and pick up his watch.  Ok: I admit that I have a tendency to positively reinforce myself monetarily for being a good girl at times… Signed: Mark’s oh so great NURSE!